Eyesthetics creates custom solution for your live event.

Livestreams, Hybrid events, giant LED walls, Virtual studio, IMAG and visuals for festivals, custom show integration… We’ve got you covered!

Live video.

Over 10 years of experience in live video. Specialized in: livestreams (youtube, facebook, custom website), hybrid events (zoom, teams, custom website), visuals and IMAG (full video package for festivals), virtual studio’s (Unreal Engine), LED wall…

Creative Programming.

Create interaction with your audience! Use live video to get involved with you audience using live input from your audience (twitter, 3D camera, instagram…)

Show Integration.

Do you have a show with a lot of different devices? Let us help to make your system fully integrated so everything works nicely together. Great for complex tours where you want everything to be plug and play!

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Live Video

Kamping Kerstmis

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Live Video, Show Integration


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Live Video, Show Integration

LED Walls



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